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» 19 November 2010
New Penetrator 7.7.9

 New Penetrator 7.7.9 Firmware released.


Penetrator 7.7.9 - 19 November 2010

- Showing IP address on front page.

- Showing MAC address on front page.

- Upgraded Wifi Security Guide.

- Added Mac Address Randomizer.

- Added SEO Blackhat scanning.

- Updates to exploits. 600+ exploits.


New Penetrator 7.7.9 Firmware released.


The new firwmare gives you more details about the IP

address and MAC address.


Mac spoofing capability.


SEO Blackhat Scanning.

See if your website follow google compliance rules.


Updates to Exploits 600+.


Upgrade your Penetrator or Portable Penetrator today!


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