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You can download the Manual and Quick install guides below.

If you need live chat please click the live chat icon on the top of this web site for live chat.

It is recommended as well to make sure you are running the latest Firmware Version for Portable Penetrator, Penetrator or Protector.

Always make sure to upgrade to the newest version. There is a big chance if you have a bug issue others had it and it has already been fixed in the latest firmware.

We strive to answer all support queries as fast as possible including Live Chat.

Fast Live Chat Support

If you get on the live chat and do not get a reply it can be because the personnel is finishing another call.

It is then recommended you mail us at the mail below to create a support ticket for fastest reply.

Please E-Mail us here to create a support ticket: support@secpoint.com


SecPoint Teamviewer Files:

SecPoint Teamviewer for Windows 7 / Windows 8.1

SecPoint Teamviewer for MAC OS X

Penetrator Support Files:

Download Penetrator Appliance Quick Install Guide

Download Penetrator Manual & F.A.Q.

Download Penetrator Hyper-V Install Guide

Download Penetrator ESXi Install Guide

Portable Protector Support Files:

Download Portable Penetrator Virtual VMware Install Guide

Download Wi-Fi Connection Guide

Download Wifi Password Recovery Guide

Download Laptop Virtual Machine Speed Boost Guide

Protector Support Files:

Download Protector Appliance Quick Install Guide

Download Protector Manual & F.A.Q.

Download Protector Manual High Availability

Download Protector Microsoft Active Directory AD

Download Protector ESXi Protector UTM Install Guide

Download Protector Hyper-V Protector UTM Install Guide

Download Protector Virtual install Guide

Download Protector Firewall Guide

Download Protector Client to VPN Connection guide for Windows 8 / 8.1

Download Protector Client to VPN Connection guide for iPhone IOS 7+

Download Protector Client to VPN Connection guide for Mac OS X

Download Protector Client to VPN Connection guide for Android

SecPoint RMA Form:

Download SecPoint RMA Form




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