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Anonymous Hacktivist Group

Anonymous became famous in February 2011 when Superbowl came face to face with Anonymous.
Anonymous can be defined as attacking enemies of free information.
Aaron Barr had his HBGary Federal account hacked possible buy teens accessing thousands of internal e-mails and locked him out.
He became a SIGINT signals intelligence officer specializing in rare assignment analytics.

In 2009 a security consultant Greg Hoglund asked Barr to start a new company
Hoglund already ran HBGary Inc. They formed HBGary Federal.
Barr and two other security firms made materials such as Powerpoints  with disinformation campaign to discredit WikiLeaks.

When giving a speech at B-Sides conference about to target Anonymous.
The mainstream news media reported it as a large mysterious group of hacktivist hackers that target MasterCard, Paypal and Visa.

A Hacker is a very not specific word that could mean many things. It can be a programmer, or cyber criminal.
In Anonymous hackers are named as hacktivists. Hackers that have a activist message.

It is claimed in Anonymous there is no structure.
No leaders but pure Anarchy.
Only a few rules exist as in the movie Fight Club.
Dont talk or reveal information about Anonymous.
Never expose your true information or identity.
Dont attack the mainstream media.

Anonymous key slogan

  • We are Anonymous
  • We are Legion
  • We do not forgive
  • We do not forget
  • Expect us

In the digital Flyers it features a headless suited man sitting in the center surrounded by U.N. style peace branches.
Made as the specific surrealist painting that depict a man sitting with a bowler hat & an apple by Rene Magritte.

Often it also includes the famous leering mask of Guy Fawkes. To be described as the London revolutionary shown in the movie V for Vendetta.
A symbol of the faceless rebel army horde.

In the month and year December 2010 there was a large attack on PayPal.