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Anti Spam Tips & Tricks

Learn more about how to avoid Spam and dangerous mails.

Learn how you can use your email address on the Internet the best and most secure way,


Anti Spam Tips & Tricks


Don’t use typical email addresses.

Spammers usually use software to guess people's email addresses. If you want to avoid being listed by spammers, it is recommended for you to use different email addresses (e.g., put numbers and letters in it).

IM and other conversation places are not safe.

It is recommended for you to not give out your personal information such as your email address over any discussion board, IM, or newsgroup.

Contact Us" form.

It is always good to have a form to fill anywhere in a website for customer input as a substitute for email correspondence. Put your email in a form process script for the sake of better security.

Delete spam messages instantly.

Never open spam emails. In case you've opened one by mistake, don't reply to it even if you see the text, "unsubscribe from mailing list by replying". A reply confirms to the spammer that your email address is in use and a high number of spam may be targeted to your email address afterwards.
Don’t use your real email when surfing the Internet.
If you don't want to hear from a website, then don't give out your real email address. You can, for example, create a Gmail account that you can use when submitting to websites instead of your own. This way, you will be safe from spam even if a spammer uses a script to list your fake email for unrestricted spamming.
Uncheck unwanted options in an online purchasing form.
Usually, when you buy or signup to register on some ecommerce site and you have to give out your email address, make sure you've unchecked all offers that you do not want. That is, you should uncheck "get newsletter", uncheck "daily update", and so on in order to avoid receiving spam emails.
Avoid giving out personal information.
Don't give out any of your personal information (e.g., your credit card number, name, address, social security number, and so forth) on non-secure websites. Secure websites always contain a locked icon or secure payment gateway icons (e.g., Paypal's original icon, 2checkout's official icon, and the like). Always make sure you can see such icons before submitting sensitive information to any website.
Use a SecPoint Protector UTM Appliance.
Even when you've done all of the above tips, you will probably still receive spam emails. This is the reason why SecPoint developed the award-winning SecPoint Protector, which is an all-in-one Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance.
Use the Protector on your network to keep it secure from spam and a lot of other malicious online content. To get a free evaluation unit, feel free to visit the following address

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