Apple Security Sensitive information protection

Last week, apple came out with a report to give details about how the details of the customers are securely handled and the report assured the customers that the company protects their privacy as much possible.

This report reflected information related to the period from January 2013 till June end. There are requests made to Apple when someone loses their iPhone or their phones are stolen. The police enquire from them about ownership issues.

Apple mentioned that a very small fragment

Of the requests are for accounts related to iTunes, Game Center or iCloud accounts, majority of the requests are for the details related with the account information.

These kinds of requests have been opposed and have caused concern in the technology sector.

This report has come out six months after it was revealed that US Security Agencies are conducting online observations on national level regarding the leakage of personal information.

After this, Apple wanted to reassure the customers that it tries its best to protect the information it has.

Apple clarified by stating that our business does not have anything to do with personal data.

We have no interest in fudging with the important information related with our customers. They said that they encrypt the conversations by using iMessage and do not keep any Map searches, or Location data.

Apple said that the information related with devices is never related with issues pertaining to national security.

In most of the account requests pertain to robberies or some other crimes from the officers often looking for missing people or children, in case of finding a victim who has been kidnapped or in suicide cases.

The request is for getting the address and name of the account holder.

In some rare cases, we are also asked to give them emails or photos stored in their accounts.

These cases are dealt with very carefully.

The US gave maximum requests for device related information.

It stood at 3,542 and Apple has given information in 88 percent of these cases.

Then came Germany at 2,156 and 86 percent cases were given the required information.