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Bekasoftware Russian Scareware

Scareware tricking users to pay

As per the files mailed online by a cyber-terrorist, Bakasoftware earns millions per annum through a detailed strategy that bank on e-mail spam and indirectly mastering thousands of defenseless personal computers.

Fiscal particulars of the operation came up to brightness freshly after data placed by a computer hacker naming himself as Neon. Neon broke into one of the computers utilized by Bakasoftware for accounting.

According to the New York Times, when the Bakasoftware program begins, it determines the language of the computer user grounded on information comprised in the Windows operating system. Whenever it finds the personal computer of a Russian language speaker, the program closes down.

Bakasoftware’s computer program has a few specific antivirus capabilities, but nothing you can't get from a real anti virtus program.

Neon released a list of the ten crest earners during a one-week period, with income ranging from $58,000 to $158,000. One affiliate who installed 154,825 editions of the software in exactly 10 days and managed to get $2,772 to buy the cure.

If any cyberpunk had a botnet big adequate, they could earn $5 million annually by maintaining a botnet large sufficiency to force between 10,000 and 20,000 installations on a daily basis, Neon said.


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