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Facebook being banned in Bangladesh

Bangladesh welcomes Facebook once again after the time when the way into the page that shows the prophet Mohammed was being blocked.

With this, the social network sent their sincerest apologies to the telecoms authorities of the country.

Artistic portraits went overboard

Bangladesh law enforcers found the photos as horrible representations of both the administration and opposition leaders of their country.

In response to this reaction, the website removed those that were found to be detrimental to the reputation of the country. About 150 million, mostly the Muslim Bangladesh, kept the social network Facebook off their grounds.

This was due to the group in the website named as “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”, which showed photos of the prophet that Muslims deem as offensive.

Pakistan initiated the action in which virtual barriers were put up against Facebook and Bangladesh quickly supported the movement of their regional neighbor.

Forgiveness is the solution for conflicts

On Saturday, the access to Facebook was re-established by the authorities.

This was done after the social networking website made an apology and the successful deletion of the said page.

In addition, the company also asked for forgiveness from the law enforcers of the country Bangladesh because of the damaging portrayal of the Bangladesh leaders.

The issue was focused mainly on the images of Mohammed and the social network did its best to take the best possible action while dealing with the problem.

However, it will also be thrilling when Facebook starts on handling the concern over the drawings that were considered injurious to the status of the country’s government.

Offenses may lead to court trials

According to the report from Daily News and Analysis, an India-based website, there was a young citizen of Bangladesh who already got arrested by the police.

He is still under the custody of the police department due to a court order for cross-examination.

Proper arrangements should be carried out

Joe Sullivan, the CSO of Facebook, stated in one interview that their company wants to know more about the local standards of Bangladesh.

Also, the social network is making plans on working with the authorities of the country in order to have smooth and secured utilization of the website.

As of today, the authorities are still on close watch for any untoward incidents that may occur in Facebook.

And, it is certain that the social network will be given the ban hammer once an offensive content is seen in the site again.