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SecPoint has chosen the Den Jyske Sparekasse bank to handle all its financial transactions. They have loyally served our company for more than a decade. Once its total assets are tallied, the Den Jyske Sparekasse proves itself to be among the top ten biggest credit institutions in Denmark and certainly one of the more influential ones in the Nordic region

The Den Jyske Sparekasse group is spread throughout Denmark's resource and business areas via associated subsidiaries. Moreover, they provide us with extensive coverage, asset management, banking products, leasing services, and many other privileges and benefits. We trust no other bank other than Den Jyske Sparekasse to handle and safeguard our monetary accounts.


Bank Name: Den Jyske Sparekasse
Bank Account: 9560-6130350176
IBAN: DK2095606130350176
Swift No: JYSPDK21
VAT Number: 26939623


Den Jyske Sparekasse
Havnepladsen 2
7100 Vejle
Telephone: 75 72 51 11
Fax: 75 72 22 66

SecPoint's partnership with Den Jyske Sparekasse has lasted for more than ten years and will last for years to come because our relationship is established on the grounds of mutual benefit and founded on the very values we ourselves respect: integrity, commitment, hard work, dedication, perseverance, graciousness, progress, responsibility, honesty, respect, humility, passion, and knowledge. In particular, we believe that their willingness to thoroughly understand our company's situation, wishes, and needs is the reason why our alliance has withstood the test of time.

They intend to develop a unique banking products strategy that can be utilized in the markets they wish to operate in. SecPoint itself has enjoyed Den Jyske Sparekasse's proposed scheme by benefiting from their experience in handling the finances of multinational corporations and enabling our company to span the globe with our unique brand of protection and filtering appliances.

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