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Can Penetrator Audit Firewalls Routers and Virtualization?

Yes it checks with the largest databases that features 60.000 vulnerabilities and audits firewalls,routers,voip,windows,linux,mac os x and more.

The Penetrator Vulnerability Management & Assessment software can easily be deployed as Virtual Image on VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V platforms.

There are more than 9 different profiles to choose from depending on your scanning auditing requirement.

It is recommended to scan your Local and public IP addresses on a regular basis to discover the vulnerabilities on your network.

Specially routers have a long range of critical high risk vulnerabilities and are a high target for hackers to attack.

Even popular firewalls are vulnerable to critical vulnerabilities for long period of times before they get a patch and if even a patch is coming.

Many routers and firewall that are deployed in live environments are end of life even they are working but it means they will not receive future patches making it even more important to scan and test them on an regular basis.

Normal Scan, Full Scan, Firewall Scan

You can choose the Penetrator as Appliance or Software.

Extended Scan, OWASP Scan, SANS TOP 25 and more profiles

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