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Children Hackers Exist

According to the report of AVG, even minors who are 11 years of age are now capable of writing malicious codes and are actually using such codes to hack gaming accounts and other social networking sites. 

Usually, the coding languages used by these minor hackers are Visual Basic and C#.


Cyber criminals victimize almost everyone – even former presidents are not spared. 

However, what is more alarming now is that even minors or children are doing this.


Malicious code in Runscape Gold Hack

An example of this malicious code appeared in Runscape Gold Hack.

This is a very popular game among the younger generation and it has an estimated number of 200 million players.

The modus operandi of the hacker was to offer free game gold by asking the players to key in their usernames and passwords. W

ithout them (the victims) knowing, the hacker was already gaining access to their log in details.


When the investigators tracked the source of the malicious codes, they found out that the trail led to the email address of a certain Mr. Ben-Itzhak from Canada.

What the investigators weren’t expecting was the age of the hacker. Mr. Ben-Itzhak is just 11 years old.


Investigators advised both parents and educators to teach children the difference between right and wrong.

The education system now is advancing due to the changes that are happening around us.

In the past,  children were thought how to operate computers, how to use Microsoft Office, how to navigate websites, and how to use the internet to get the necessary information.


Students create computer Codes

Now the children are being thought more than that. In UK for example, students are being taught to create computer codes as part of their programming lessons.

There’s nothing wrong about it.

According to Linda Sandvik (one of the founders of Code Club) , it’s like any other subjects such as Math, Science, and English.

Such subjects (including digital technology) are used to understand society as a whole.


In the end, there is nothing wrong with students having knowledge about digital technology. What actually matters is what they do with such knowledge.

This is where the teachers and the parents come in.


Criminals utilizing Teen hacker gangs

The professional Criminals have learned they can train children to perform sophisticated SQL Injection attacks against multiple sites.


If the children get caught they will be under the criminal age and all the blame can fall on them without any risk.