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Cloud Penetrator™ Web Vulnerability Scanner

SecPoint delivers the best online vulnerability scanning service.
With the Cloud Web Security Penetrator it is possible to scan your online Public servers IP addresses for security vulnerabilities.
This includes web vulnerabilities such as XSS Cross Site Scripting, Directory Traversals, Sensitive information leakage, Command execution.

It has more than 60.000 remote unique vulnerabilities to scan for. The vulnerability database is updated on a daily basis.
You can buy in Euro € or US $. Please scroll down to the button where you can change the currency.

Prices begin at 145 USD$ - 110 Euro.

Scan from 1-64 IPs.

XSS - Command Execution and more

The reporting is available as PDF, HTML or XML format for downloading.

Scans for SQL Injection - Cross Site Scripting

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