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Cloud Protector™ UTM

Cloud Virtual Protector UTM solves all your spam

Virtual Security Appliance

Get Advanced Anti Spam and scan your mails for best Anti Spam.

The Anti Virus Scanning Features multiple vendors.

The Anti Worm and Anti Phishing feature will catch other reaming dangerous mails.

Installation is an easy step by changing your MX record of your domain to the Cloud Protector Firewall.

Then all incoming mail to your domain will first goto the scanning UTM Firewall and be scanned for dangerous content.

It scans for virus,spam, trojans, malware and more

Attackers will try to sent backdoors and trojans to penetrator your network perimeter.

The Protector UTM firewall will scan and clean your traffic and only sent back the clean mails.

You will also increase your own server load and minimize junk traffic to your own site since that will be filtered off before you receive the clean data.

So you can optimize your whole site speed and setup.

Also if there comes a flood Denial of Service DoS attack targeted to your mail server it will instead hit the Protector UTM Firewall and this way you can prevent attacks.

You can still login to the quarantine and view all mails that was sent to you. This way you can make sure no false positives or if you delete an important mail by mistake you can easily release it from the email quarantine again.


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