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Crack WPA2 Network

Audit your WPA2 key and do real cracking to discover if it is vulnerable to attack.

With Portable Penetrator can recover WPA2 network keys. 

With professional Pen testing WiFi Penetrator software you can audit your own or your customers WiFi access points in a professional manner.

You will get professional PDF reporting that can be customized with name, logo and watermark. It is possible to perform the same type of cracking that real attackers use.

Crack WPA2 Network with Professional Pen Testing Software

WPA2 and WPA Key recovery with easy to use WiFi pen testing software made easy.

Attackers have a wide range of tools in the arsenal when they carry out Crack WPA2 networks.

They use open source or commercial software many times with an interface easy point and click to launch attacks.

When attackers break in to a WiFi by Cracking WPA2 Network they will typically capture the connection handshake from legitimate users of the access point.

Remote black hat crackers can easily obtain the connection handshake by simple forcing connected trusted users to disconnect and reconnect automatically.

They can use automated software for this process by sending de authentication packages.

The users which can be laptops, smartphones, desktop computers or other devices with WiFi connectivity.

Once they get forced to a de authentication process they will be forced to disconnect. Once they are disconnected they will typically automatically reconnect again to minimize the downtime for the disconnected users.

Their software will automatically reconnect often without the users even being notified.

So typically when a WiFi attack

Is being carried out the users will not notice anything.

Attackers can also easily spoof the MAC address on their network cards to be very stealthy when carry out the WiFi Crack WPA2 Networks.

So it is recommended to follow the step by step guide to a secure WiFi access Point.



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