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Crack WPS

Professional WiFi Software Portable Penetrator recover WPS pin code. WiFi Protected Setup is vulnerable to a remote validation flaw when carry out brute force vulnerability attack.

If the router is vulnerable and WPS is enabled then it can be exploited by remote attackers to recover the WPS pin , WPS or WPA2 keys.

WPS WiFi Protected Setup has been found vulnerable to remote offline and online attacks that can allows attackers to gain full control of the router.

WPS Is vulnerable on many routers by default factory settings

The WPS Encryption that is enabled by default in multiple popular router brands have been found vulnerable.

Due to a vulnerability in the authentication method remote black hat hackers found a weakness in then PIN code form.

Since it requires only half of the required keys for authentication it ca be accomplished with only up to 20.000 connection attempts.

When attackers obtain the PIN Code of an access WiFi point they can be able to connect and in some cases even reveal the WPA or WPA2 no matter the strength and sophistication of the WPA or WPA2 Password.

Disable WPS to increase WiFi Security Level router

If you are running one of the popular router WiFi brands such as Dlink, TPlink, Zyxel, Linksys etc.

It is recommended to access the Router WiFi Web Interface.

In the Web Interface click on advanced WiFi and see if WPS is enabled by default.

You can also upgrade to the latest firmware that will provide more security and block WPS cracking attempts.

It is recommended to audit your own WiFi access points as well.

You can carry out Professional WiFi Pen testing with Portable Penetrator WiFi Software.

Run it from your Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or Mac OS X laptop.

In order to perform the best auditing a strong and powerful WiFi adapter is recommended to use for injection and monitoring.



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