Advanced Authentication in UK Available

Spotting online scoundrels would not be much of a trouble anymore now that the cross-channel authentication is launched at UK by the top security firm, RSA Security.

This method promises a trouble-free protection for the many consumers who need a solution on this growing scam cases.

In line with a statement made by Bryan Knauss, the head of RSA Security’s ID verification service, this product has been used by various groups for quite a period of time as of today.

Groups like the financial associations, healthcare organizations, and e-commerce firms in the United States made use of the company’s latest RSA Identity Verification.

These agencies utilized the device in order to assist them in authenticating the users.

Platform that is regarded as lifesaving

A text was quoted by Knauss from the research of Cifas, an organization that is concerned about prevention of hoax at UK.

Based on the research, identity theft had increased for about 30 percent a year ago and that about £1.2 billion was put to waste.

The RSA ID Verification Platform can help in lessening the cases of fraud.

It may also assist in increasing the satisfaction of the consumers and cut overheads in call centers.

RSA believed that the RSA Identity Verification Platform is nothing but essential to the users today.

It utilizes the function of knowledge-based verification in order to confirm the identity being presented by the users.

In addition, the multiple choice questions included in this mechanism is surely difficult for the online crooks if ever they would guess.

On the other hand, it will be effortless for the users who are gaining access.

This device contains an intelligent question engine that can acquire information from various sources.

Sources that are being used by the engine involve the following: electoral roll and mobile phone users and the credit reference agencies.

In addition, it can also construct a new set of dynamic real-time queries.

Several groups will benefit from excellent invention

Many organizations can utilize this very helpful device like the call centers and web or point of sale.