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Cyber Defense- What is it about?

You must have heard the term 'cyber defense' extensively in a number of different mediums.

From movies to video games and story books, the term 'cyber defense' has become all the more popular.

As you can imagine, cyber defense primarily refers to the use of defensive measures in order to prevent any sort of cyber attacks.

The ability to anticipate weak links and being able to prepare beforehand has always been one of the most effective methods for formulating a winning strategy, and since the fifth century B.C, the use of the term 'foreknowledge' or knowing beforehand has been used frequently.

Cyber attacks have become extremely common in the past few years, primarily because the world has begun to use the internet more effectively.

Information about cyber defense

Creating a powerful defensive strategy in order to defend your computers and networks is one of the most important jobs for tech analysts.

Analysts have to make sure that they utilize the information available, and then create a defensive strategy that will be used to first foresee any sort of attacks and then repel them.

There are a number of different facets of cyber defense, that are utilized in the world o today.

From a thorough scanning of the network to analyzing and fortifying open ports, cyber defense is very important.

Large scale organizations employ companies in order to create cyber defense strategies, and even full scale governments require the setup of cyber defense strategies in order to protect themselves from impending attacks.

How is a cyber defense strategy made?

Creating a cyber defense strategy is a tiered process.

It is important to follow a set of rules in order to ensure that the defense strategy is not only robust, but is also very flexible.

Because of the number of different kinds of cyber attacks that are now made, creating a flexible strategy is very important.

The first step is to use a vulnerability scanner in order to find out the different vulnerabilities that might arise in the system.

There are a number of different vulnerability scanners that can be used, and depending upon the scale and size of the network that needs to be protected, the network vulnerability scanner to use varies considerably. 


Once the vulnerabilities have been scanned, the next step is to fix the vulnerabilities and shore up the defenses.

For that purpose, different kinds of firewalls are used in order to create a secure system.

Companies usually hire analysts in order to first carefully go through the networks and discern the vulnerabilities that might exist.

Once the vulnerabilities have been found, the company analysts come up with different defense strategies that must be used in order to prevent the network from falling prey to cyber attacks.

Then, the upper echelon of the tech industry decides upon the different cyber defense strategies and creates one, solitary, powerful cyber defense strategy. This is how a cyber defense strategy is made and utilized in large businesses.

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