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Difference between firewall security & VPN UTM appliance

In the network security industry, the terms firewall and UTM appliance are quite common. They are mainly used for systems/ solutions that can help a company in providing protection for its databases and secure its network against harmful intrusions. UTM is basically an abbreviation of unified threat management. Now, for anyone with limited knowledge of the network security industry, it will be quite easy to figure out that firewalls and UTM appliances both share a lot of similarities with each other. Both are designed to provide protection, and the main purpose of both is to prevent any sort of harmful/ malicious software programs from entering the system. However, even though their main task is similar, both firewalls and UTM appliances are actually quite different from each other. Here are  some of the most common differences between firewalls and UTM appliances:

Firewall Explained

A firewall is either a hardware based or a software based network security tool that is used for providing protection against all kinds of harmful threats. Firewalls basically work on an applied set of rules. It matches all incoming and outgoing data packets with the ones in the database in order to figure out whether they are harmful or not. If not, they are allowed to pass through. If they are, the firewall automatically blocks these data packets. Firewalls are quite commonly installed on individual systems; there's a firewall installed in every  personal computer that is powered by Microsoft Windows Vista and above. These are mainly software based firewalls and are used for protection against the public internet. A number of different routers also come fitted with firewalls that are used for providing protection. On a converse level, a number of different hardware based firewalls are capable of carrying out routing functions as well. Firewalls are mainly used for small networks.

UTM Appliance Explained 

A Unified Threat Management Appliance is a much more powerful security tool as compared to a standard firewall. First of all, a UTM appliance is only available as a hardware based option. It needs to be connected to the main network and works in order to provide maximum security against all incoming viruses. However, whereas the firewall is mainly concerned with the flow of data packets, a UTM appliance has a more diverse range of functions. First of all, a UTM appliance is capable of balancing the load in a network, it can prevent any sort of data leaks that might occur, it provides a gateway antivirus solution, it provides network intrusion prevention as well as on appliance reporting too. The market for UTM appliances has well exceeded the billion dollar market, and now sits pretty at a very lofty perch. Rather than install a number of different security systems in order to provide a range of different options, most companies and organizations generally prefer to making use of a UTM appliance, which provides them with complete protection against a host of incoming threats, including spam in one small, discrete package.

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