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2090 WiFi Networks exposed in Copenhagen Denmark 2015

During a cruise through Copenhagen it reveals large amount of WiFi Access Points in just a short amount of time.

IN the video below we drive through Copenhagen in about 20 mins and discover more than 2000 WiFi Access Points.

Access points reveal sensitive information about the location such as MAC Address, Connected users, Manufacturer of the access point it self.

In the cruise below it was revealed to have:

2090 Total exposed WiFi Networks

Open: 140

WEP: 28

WPA: 183

WPA2: 933

WPA2WPA: 806

WiFi networks can be vulnerable to different types of attacks that can allow un authorized people to compromise the target site and or steal confidential information.

Some of the attacks compose of Man in the Middle attacks, Sniffing of sensitive data such as username, password credentials and other confidential information.

Attackers can launch several direct attacks such as WPS Brute force, WPA cracking of the captured connection handshake. Denial of Service attacks can take down the WiFi access point and replace it with a cloned malicious access point. The malicious access point can even have the same SSID and MAC address tricking users to automatically connect to it thinking it is trusted.

It is recommended to conduct a Penetration testing on your WiFi access Point to see if you are meeting the compliance to be secure or insecure.

WiFi Penetrator WPA Cracker software can help you audit your own WiFi Access Point conducting real Penetration Testing.

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