False patch detects real files as Trojans

BitDefender’s flawed update almost destroyed the systems of Win 64-Bit after it was released and patched on Saturday.

Patches, which masquerades themselves as a valuable update, caused different antivirus software to flag the Windows and BullGuard as Trojan-infected data.

Trojan-FakeAlert-5 is injected into the files and these are quarantined by an antivirus pack in order to protect the computer from more harmful effects from this infection.

False updates definitely damages computer systems

The deceiving update badly influenced many computers as the applications in the system will not function any longer.

And, the greater problem is that some users are already unable to reboot their system after installing the said update.

The company admits to the negligence

BitDefender removed this faulty patch from their website only after three and a half hours it became ready for download.

BitDefender offered their truthful apology for this detrimental incident and they also gave out methods in order to repair the users’ already damaged systems.

According to the BitDefender’s note, the users may restore their system by removing the files from being quarantined and rebooting may also be done afterwards.

BitDefender yearns for a second chance

BullGuard, an internet security company, which offers anti-spyware and antivirus packs for both computers and mobile phones, also had consumers with the same concerns. And, words of deepest apology were written by the BitDefender regarding their defective service.

In compensation, the company asks their customers to offer their support on the future services once again.

More malwares result to greater chances of failed patches The most common weak point acknowledged in all anti-virus software is the defects in updates. Advancement in systems also allows the occurrence of problem regarding fake patches.

Rising number of recorded malware threats of about 50, 000 per day causes the appearance of the damaging updates.

False patch presents greater risk for a system This case of the flawed update of BitDefender offered a greater danger for the computer systems because the system files are the ones targeted by the Trojan.

This result to the false detection of the antivirus software, thus, identifying system files as infected documents.

Nevertheless, the computer system will not function correctly, making it impossible to use due to instability.