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Role of using Firewall Software for your Business Networks

Your computer system contains so much different, and varied personal information of many different people, which if it was to be broken into by a computer hacker and there is a high possibility that many will fall a victim and to identify the hacker is a great concern

Hacking into Smaller Businesses is Profitable

Many hackers have learned this simple fact, which hacking into smaller business is just as profitable as breaking into the computer network of larger firms, and is also a lot easier as well, due to the difference in security levels.

Many small businesses aren't aware of the danger they are putting their business into by maintaining a lax security system on their network.

This is why taking internet security is important for all businesses, big and small; to make sure their private and confidential data remains just that, private and confidential.

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Keeping Your System Secure

At SecPoint we provide software programs to keep your business network secure.

And one of these software applications is the firewall.

The firewall is a gateway that watches the incoming and outgoing traffic flowing on the internet through your computer system.

The idea is for this software to control the circulation of information from your computer, using a database (That holds information on viruses and potential forms of attack on your system, regularly updated as hackers are always finding new ways to trick computers.) in conjunction with customizable settings to stop any unwanted programs or visitors onto your computer.

When looking into getting a firewall program for your network, there are two main kinds to look into (Ignore the freeware versions of the firewall, for a home or single use computer, are okay, but they are not Recommended.) software firewalls and standalone hardware firewalls.

When using networks with different computers and servers, the hardware firewall is recommended.

Some come as an independent component, while others come in a hardware/software bundle.

The hardware will contain quite a few sockets for you to connect different computers and servers too.

For most small businesses, firewall software, without the hardware, being installed on your computer system will work well at stopping any possible threats to your computer.

This will be enough if your system and information are in a small working environment.

If you can afford to, however, a combination of firewall hard and software is recommended.

This may seem a bit over killing, however with the threat of hackers stealing your identity, or the information and identities of your employees or customers, it can set your mind at ease that you have done all you can to protect those who keep your business up and running.
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