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Firewall with strong IPS Intrusion Prevention System

Watch the video below to learn more about the Intrusion Prevention option in the Protector UTM VPN Firewall.

With the firewall IPS Intrusion Prevention System you can scan incoming and outgoing traffic for dangerous content and neutralize it.

For example if a user connect a laptop in the internal network that is infected with malware.

When the laptop gets connected it will start sending outgoing malware and try to infect other systems.

Scans both incoming and outgoing traffic for dangerous traffic

However with the Protector IPS Intrusion Prevention system it can see this and block it, before the user infect other systems.

It could also be a user infected with spam malware where it will try to sending 1000s of outgoing spam.

Because the Protector also scans outgoing mail for spam again it can neutralize this before it sends outgoing spam.

Strongest UTM Firewall Network Security Appliance.

Comes with a harddrive that stores all incoming and outgoing mails locally.

Storing the mails allows to recover mails that the user delete by a mistake. 

It also allows for better security scanning and identify more accurate spam on the network.



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