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Free Vulnerability Scan

A vulnerability Scan will scan your web site or public IP address for important risk factors.

This includes:

SQL Injection, XSS Cross Site Scripting, Local File Inclusion

There will be a real web crawler done as search engines such as Google. The intelligent crawler can crawl through your site and find vulnerabilities in all scripts including

custom home made scripts.

Discover if your website is vulnerable to remote attacks

It can also scan for database servers such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, Oracle and others.

Other techniques Directory Traversal, Command Execution

When vulnerabilities are identified it will produce detailed reporting with technical output of the vulnerability.

It will also present detailed reporting on how to fix the found vulnerabilities. Reporting comes in PDF, HTML and XML format.

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The Top Five Free Vulnerability Scanners

If you are already installing and managing your own networks and websites, then you must be aware of the minimal security measures needed to do so.


However, you may need some help in catching vulnerabilities. A basic vulnerability scanner can play a major role in your IT security.


They can you’re your network for thousands of security issues and then give you details that are useful to you such as:


A prioritized list of what you should patch


Describe the vulnerabilities found


Give you steps on how to fix them


While there are many excellent vulnerability scanners out there that you can purchase, here you can find the some of the best free ones available for you to use.

1-    The Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA) is a great performer at finding problems caused by missing security patches and also security template problems on Windows.

2-   Nessus is a very fast vulnerability scanner with vast breadth and depth of scans. You can only get it for free if you won’t be using it commercially.

3-   NeWT is the Windows platform version of Nessus and is brought to you by Tenable and is just as good as the Nessus.

4-   Nikto, focused on web server security, can scan for over 3500 different vulnerabilities and has a range of options that place it as one of best free vulnerability scanners out there.

5-   Nmap, while not really a vulnerability scanner, is a good place to start scanning your network to help find potential problems that are just in plain sight but you probably missed looking for them.

Keep in mind that there are tons of free tools out there that can help you and choosing just one of the above free scanners is not usually enough. After running a vulnerability test, remember to take it one step further by looking at your results, validating the vulnerability and of course, fixing the problem. And then, just to be completely certain, run the test once again.

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