Advanced AI Cyber Security


Can your WiFi access point be hacked?

Find out if you are vulnerable to remote WiFi attacks.
Have your WiFi network already been compromised
and are now being abused by attackers?

Follow this easy 15 steps to secure your Wi-Fi access point and
minimize the risk impact by black hat attackers.

WiFi Access Point Hacking

Do not be a victim to WiFi hackers.
WiFi Hackers can sniff passwords, sensitive data and conduct
man in the middle attacks to interrupt your traffic and steal sensitive information.
The Top 15 WiFi Security guide consists of easy to follow tips that are easy to apply.
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Top 15 techniques includes to protect from WiFi hackers:.

Ways to hide your SSID.
How to use strongest WiFi Encrytion.
How to make your WiFi network less attractive to hackers.
How to implement Firewall and DMZ zones.
How to minimize damage upon possible compromise.
How to use VPN.
How to control your WiFi Router transmitting strength.
How to use public WiFi safely.
How to detect possible compromise.

Black hat Attackers can use advanced techniques when trying to compromise your WiFi networks.
It is recommended to deploy all the techniques possible to secure your WiFi network from attack.
The best way to make sure you are protected and secure from WiFi hackers is by hacking your own WiFi Network.
Utilize the Portable Penetrator WiFi Finder Software to hack your own WiFi.
By hacking your own WiFi using the same techniques as real attackers you can identify the vulnerabilities.
You can also hire a professional WiFi Pen Testing Consultant to audit your network for vulnerabilities.

Once you have secured your WiFi network it is recommended to perform quarterly WiFi Security Testing
This is to make sure you are not vulnerable to new techniques or mal configurations.