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French Euro millions Website Hacked by Religious Virtual

The French Euromillions website was recently defaced by a group of virtual vandals that had a touch of a religious agenda in their actions. In other words, the online outlaws vandalized the site because they viewed it as sinful and depraved. The digital graffiti that was put all over the main page was apparently done in protest of gambling in general.  

It was the "Morrocanghosts" group that claimed that lottery

Was just another form of the sinful act of gambling, such that they attacked what was probably one of the major purveyors and institutes of the gambling world within the Western Hemisphere (or, at least in their eyes, the Euromillions site served as such). With that said, Euromillions have put on a temporary fix in the form of a redirect to

The redirect address is the much-more secure site of the FDJ

(Francaise des Jeux) Group, which runs the French Euromillions lottery.
Meanwhile, the vandals condemned all games of chance in both Arabic and French after hacking and attacking the webpage with impunity.
The messages were believed to be Islam-based since there were a lot of Koran citations in them.
To be more specific, these quotes called for the condemnation of all gambling games as well as the demonic drink known as alcohol.
At the time of this writing, the hacking methods that made the Euromillions hack possible have yet to be revealed.
Augur impurity, games of chance, and wine being products of the devil are things that are reminiscent of hard-line, hardcore Islamic religious doctrine. 
The verses denounced gambling specifically as something used by the devil to turn people away from God.
At this point in time, there's no indication that the hackers have hacked through the backend databases of the Euromillions site or have gotten their hands on the domain's most sensitive information.
It would appear that the (seemingly) religious band of zealots were only able to achieve digital defacement and nothing more. 
The identity, whereabouts, and intentions of the multilingual Morroncanghosts hacking group remain unclear, particularly in regards to why they specifically attacked a lottery site when there are many other more hardcore gambling "dens" found all over the Worldwide Web.
In any case, at present, more than a hundred million euros are ready to be played in the Euromillions jackpot.