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Google Chrome Security Upgraded

A patch for the Windows-compatible Chrome browser was distributed by Google as of the present.

Updated version was given by the web giant to the public in order to deal with the four high-risk threats that are found in the WebKit-based web browser.

Security threats categorized according to level of harm

The four security risks that are detected in the Google Chrome browser are the following: memory corruption issue in the V8 JavaScript Engine, the confusion errors when accessing forums, cross-site scripting or the XSS threats that can be seen in the download page, and the HTTP request errors that can be used in order to propagate cross-site request forgeries or XSRF.

Aside from the high-risk security dangers, there were also medium-raged threats discovered in the Google Chrome browser.

Included in the perceived vulnerabilities are the cross-site scripting bug, a hole that allows loading of pages in accordance with the New Tab page, and the local file reference that is slipped within the developer tools.

Google refuses to broadcast other information regarding the security threats until many users have updated there browsers with the latest remedy patches.

Hunting for bugs can earn users with great wealth

A developer called “kuzzcc” was paid by Google with a doubled amount of 500 US dollars for discovering the two security vulnerabilities that are considered to be high-risk.

This prize was in accordance to the Chrome Security Reward program being held by Google.

The program was initiated by the web company in order to persuade their users to inform Google for any security threats found in the browser upon utilization.

The average amount of money that one can earn for each of the vulnerabilities is 500 US dollars as decided by the committee in-charge.

This can, however, be raised up to an amount of 1,337 US dollars as directed to the special cases and the sensitive bugs.

Updating can be done in various ways

Mark Larson, Google’s Engineering Manager, posted more information about the Google update on the Google Chrome Releases blog.

The download for the patch, Chrome, is already out and it is compatible with Windows operating systems such as the Windows XP, the Vista, and the most up-to-date Windows 7.

And, if a consumer is making use of the Chrome 4, then he or she can already update the browser with the built-in update function.

This can be found under the option “Tools” and one must access the “About Google Chrome”. In this section, the user can find the “Update” button and he or she may already update the Chrome browser.