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SMS Scammers in Malaysia Busted

According to the latest news broadcasts, the police force in Malaysia was able to arrest the individuals who were believed to be part of the group involved in the distribution of spam text messages.

It was reported earlier that this scam robbed quite a number of citizens of over a hundred thousand dollars.

Text message scam is overused by now

According to the recent report from Star Malaysia, the circle of spammers consist of one native of Malaysia and 25 other foreigners whose ages range between 16 and 41.

These individuals were believed to have stolen about RM6.4m or 1.9 million US dollars between the year 2006 and April 2010.

The scammers used the lottery tactic in which the victims will receive a certain message, which informs them that they have won the bogus lottery and that there is a needed advanced payment in order to claim the price they have won.

There is always a bigger faction behind scams

Datuk Koh Hong Sun, the chief of the federal Commercial Crimes Investigations Department or CCID, answered a specific inquiry from the reporters during a press conference that was held on Monday this week.

According to his statement, the arrested individuals were actually members of a bigger SMS scam syndicate that was captured at Tawau province in Malaysia just a year ago.

Unfortunately, two more alleged men got away last week and the law enforcers are currently searching for them.

During the operation, the cops were able to collect the following items: 73 mobile phones, four laptops, 41 accounting ledgers, ATM and credit cards, and over RM 6,000 or 1,800 US dollars.

Popular names make the scam more believable

And, according to the investigations, the laptops that the police took from the scene were the ones being utilized in order to spread the SMS messages, which are the main articles of the scamming activity.

Written on the messages are words, which convince the recipients that they have won certain rewards from different companies like Shell, Maxis, and Petronas.

Additionally, the message tells the recipients that they are required to pay a certain amount of money into local bank accounts so that they can claim the prizes.

However, the prizes that were promised did not turn up in any way.