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Hack WPA

With Portable Penetrator can easily recover WiFi WPA keys and hack your WPA.

See if your WPA is hack able and open to attacks.

Secure your WiFi network before it gets compromised.

How do remote attackers and black hat hackers Hack WPA encrypted networks?

There are several flaws in WiFi Encryption and ways to break into most popular router access points.

It includes WPS Pin cracking, Hacking WPA by capture the 4 way connection handshake.

Once the hackers obtain the connection handshake it can be brute forced by word lists.

Hack WPA WiFi Prevention

WiFi is vulnerable to hacking.

Popular when attackers try to Hack WPA via password cracking process.

Attackers will try to Hack WPA by using different techniques.

Such as causing a DoS Denial of Service attack on existing connected users to the WiFi Router access point.

This way depending on their antenna usb power can force users and connected devices to disconnect from the WiFi Access Point.

Then they will launch their Hack WPA software to capture the connection handshake when the users will automatically reconnect after they have been disconnected.

When they have successfully connected the WPA connection handshake which can only take a few minutes.

They can leave the location and go back to their lair.

Cracking GPU Racks to Hack WPA Keys

In their lair they can start cracking process of the connection handshake in order to Hack WPA Code.

If they have large cracking rigs example 6x Powerful GPU graphics cards connected.

They can easily produce 200.000 cracks per second if not more.

By having this cracking power the attacks can try millions of passwords in a short amount of time.

Average users might be using simple password keys not thinking about Hack WPA attacks coming to their network.

Most passwords can easily be guessed and cracked depending on the sophistication set.


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