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A hacker is an individual who specializes on accessing computers systems and networks for the purpose of earning profit or satisfying their need for a challenge.

In the past, the group of hackers was considered to be part of the computer underground.

However, at present times, the hackers are already welcomed as an open community.

The term is utilized in order to refer to those who are known to be as clever programmers.

But then, the media often uses this name in a wrong manner wherein hacker portrays a person who attempts accessing computer systems for other unspecified purposes.

Based on “The New Hacker’s Dictionary”

Which was amassed by Eric Raymond, a hacker is someone who is considered to be knowledgeable when it comes to programming.

In addition, there are also differences between the two terms in this technical dictionary: “good hack” and “hacking”. The “good hack” is regarded as a smart process of solving a problem in programming.

On the other hand, “hacking” is the actual performance of the said procedure.

According to Raymond, there are five different characteristics that may be used in order to classify a person as a hacker.

First, the individual must take pleasure in studying various details that pertain to the language and system of programming.

The person must also find satisfaction when performing the programming itself and not just knowing the theories behind it.

A person may also be considered as a hacker if he or she possesses the capability to welcome the hacking done by another individual.

The person should be very skillful that he or she has the capability to grasp programming hastily.

Lastly, a hacker is known to be a specialist at a specific language or system of programming like UNIX.

People should always be reminded that a hacker is not the one who performs cracking on another person’s computer systems.

A hacker is also not the type of expert who utilizes the act of programming for nasty reasons.

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