Hackers abusing the Advantage of Online Dating sites

In the past, a man needed to be formally introduced to a woman first and be friends with her before he could ask her out on a date. 

Time passed and dating became more convenient.

People started going out on blind dates.

By blind date we mean going out with someone whom you haven’t met.

Usually, this is arranged by people who are known to both parties like friends or family members. 

However, as technology advances, so as the dating procedure.

Although such practices still exist, a new form of dating is now being done by single individuals.

This is what we call online dating.

By definition, online dating refers to the process of having a form of relationship with someone through the use of the Internet for the purpose of having a more permanent romantic relationship with that person.

In fact, based on the report of Fast Company

The online dating industry generated a $4 billion income last year.

Therefore, it is not surprising that such sites are also now being targeted by   professional hackers.

So how can ordinary people engage in online dating activities without encountering such problems? ThreatMetrix  explained some of the techniques used by hackers  and gave  tips on how to avoid them when dating online.

One of the techniques being used by scammers and hackers 

Is the use of fake accounts in online dating sites.

Once they gained the trust of their victims, they would then ask them (the victims) to send money for their traveling expenses so that they could meet personally.

Once the victims have sent them the money, they (the victims) will never hear a word from them again.

Another style of the hackers is the sending of links to their matches.

These links include malicious codes that once downloaded, will give the hackers access to their victims’ credit card accounts, bank numbers, usernames, passwords, and other pertinent information.

So don’t just download links, especially those that were just passed to you via Twitter or other networking sites.

The best way to avoid such things is to always go to trusted sites.

See to it the sites that you are visiting are secured.

Don’t immediately give your trust to people you don’t truly know - even though you’ve been online dating for quite some time already.

Remember, they may not only break your heart, but your bank, too.

That’s what we call – double jeopardy.