How to Hack WiFi Software?

WiFi Password Hacking is not a trivial process but learning to do it is not that difficult as well.

You need to understand the key concepts involved and the different types of hacking techniques for this purpose.

Let’s begin with passwords.

Type of Encryption

On a wireless networking system, encryption for transferring data packets can be of two types: WEP or WPA WPA2.

To learn how to hack WiFi first step is to check the encryption type.

The concept and difference between WEP and WPA is as follows.

How to Hack WiFi Software

Wireless Encryption Protocol/ WEP

WEP is a part of the IEEE 802.11 wireless networking standard and offers a level of security equivalent or similar to a wired LAN network.

It provides protection by encrypting user data over radio waves.

WEP encryption is not much reliable because it utilizes static encryption keys and transmits/broadcasts data through radio, which makes it vulnerable and prone to eavesdropping.

Moreover, it doesn’t provide end-to-end security and therefore, is only suitable for first generation wireless networking devices. 

WiFi Protected Access/WPA Encryption

To fully lock a WiFi network, administrators opt for WPA encryption.

WPA is a much secure and reliable option since it offers improved technology for addressing the shortcomings of WEP.

It enhances data protection through offering user authentication using the extensible authentication protocol (EAP).

The Temporal key integrity protocol (TKIP) is embedded in WPA for scrambling the keys, and to prevent tampering it is equipped with an integrity-check feature.

Furthermore, its public-key encryption system is more secure than WEP.

Hacking WEP Encrypted wireless network through Portable Penetrator

By now it is clear that hacking a WPA encrypted WiFi network is very complex and demanding process.

However, hacking WEP is easier especially with Portable Penetrator it becomes so easy that even one having minimal experience in hacking can do it.

You will require the following tools for performing hacking on a WEP encrypted network.

1.Wireless Adapter

A compatible adapter which can perform pocket injection is very important.

Usually our PC’s adapters are not compatible with cracking software.

So, do some research and use Ebay and Amazon to find a good router.

Alfa AWUS036H is a good choice and available for $12 only on Ebay. 

2.Portable Penetrator WiFi Crack Software

Without Portable Penetrator live software your task will remain unaccomplished.

It will be operated through Linux and will let you conduct all sorts of security testing/tasks.

Download this software or get its CD and burn it to get started.

3.WEP encrypted WiFi network

You will need strong signals for which it is important that the network you choose is available nearby your location.  

It will be ideal if people are using it in large numbers since as they connect and disconnect you will be able to collect large volumes of data. 

Hacking the WiFi Network

Portable Penetrator default command line called Konsole present at the lower left corner of the task bar.