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Discover how you can deploy a Vulnerability Scanning Hyper-V

Hyper-V Software Image in your Virtual Environment 

Upgrade your Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual environment with the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanning Software Image.

Discover vulnerabilities across your network and setup automatic scanning.

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The SecPoint Penetrator can easily be deployed in a Microsoft Hyper-V environment.

The Penetrator Hyper-V software virtual Image allows you to scan your local and public IP addresses for Vulnerabilities.

If you need a trial or help to install the Image please contact our support team.

Tune Hyper-V for high Performance

When you have a virtual environment setup you can easily get high performance for scanning.

You can add more ram such as 8 Gig, 16 Gig or even 32 Gig to remove any bottlenecks.

Apply SSD disk drives for fastest performance storage and sorting through files.

And increase the amount of CPU cores. It is recommended to use 8, 16 or 32 Cores for maximum performance vulnerability scanning of large networks.

It is allowed to scan ANY type of IP address including Firewalls, Routers, Windows Operating system, Linux, Mac OS X, VoIP systems.

All that can be reached from the Penetrator software installation can be audited.

The scanning audit allows to chose up to 9 different profiles for the users requirement in vulnerability assessment scanning to be filled.

Vulnerability Scanner - Vulnerability Management 

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