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Firewall Ease of Use set Nightly Updates Step by Step

Installing a Firewall UTM Appliance can be a hard or easy task.

The Protector UTM Firewall provides an intuitive user interface.

It can allow the user to accomplish setup goals in the fastest possible way with minimal frustration.

To help the user to accomplish their setup goals in the shortest amount of time we have helped by providing HD support Videos with clear examples.

Are you still not sure how to configure your unit or need more detailed help please contact our live chat service.

Set Daily Updates every night or 6 hours

You can customize how often to get updates. It is recommended to set at least nightly updates or every 6 hours after the user requirements.

Please watch the video below for a clear example of the configuration.

Firewall Preset Configurations

Configure the Firewall with preset profiles or using the easy Install Wizard. In the video you can watch examples of setting up the firewall.

Customize how often you want the updates to run on your UTM Firewall



 Watch how easily to install the Protector UTM Firewall with step by step Wizard