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Is your new LG TV backdoor and spying on you?

The best part is that LG has promised that they come up with a fix for this soon.

Jason Huntley, who is famously known as Doctor Beet, was the first among all, to notice that his new LG TV is recording the data of all the channels which he watched lately.

He also confirmed that his TV is transmitting all the data which was logging without his permission.

Though, all the functions of logging has been disabled by him, but then also this new LG TV is doing the spy act without any prior information.

As a result of Jason’s blog, another blogger tried to test the same with his own TV set, and the results were the same.

After all these allegations, LG investigated the report and they found that the reports are true.

So they have now promised all the users that they will soon come with a patch, which will definitely fix this bug.

Smart devices recording video and audio from users

Graham Cluley, security researcher of LG released a statement, where he said that the entire team is looking into the matter, and it will be resolved.

He also confirmed that some of the sets are found to be breaching the privacy of viewers, and he requested the viewers to be calm and not to take it personally.

Though, all the information which has been collected by this TV is not personal, they are simply the channel information which the viewers are watching, and various media files which they are watching on this TV.

According to some bloggers, a breach cannot be replaced with speeches from big corporate officials; therefore LG should fix this as soon as possible.

Check if your Smart TV is spying on your

One can only hope that this problem gets fixed otherwise in future it might transmit personal details and credit card details too.

It is recommended to disconnect your TV from Internet access and use a third party device that is known not to spy on users.

The Smart TVs actually has a computer inside that is locked for scrutiny by the factory.

So you have no control of which data they are capturing or what they sent to a remote server in another country.

Could be in China as an example.

You can disconnect the TV from the internet and instead for example deploy a Google Chrome cast or Apple TV where you are in control of what you stream to the TV. 

The Google Chrome cast and Apple TV are used by millions and by this date known not to pick up your sensitive data or to spy on you in your living room.

So until further they are a recommended alternative to the building smart tv in the TV itself.

You can also just steer away from Vendors know to be spying such as Samsung, LG and possible others and get a secure Smart TV solution.