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Anonymous Security Threat Singapore

So much that agencies of Singapore Government regulated bodies are on red alert against anonymous hacking.

The website for pro-government’s “Straits Times” was hacked in the day including apparent members in the group, which works opposite to current introduced rules for licensing procedures for various news websites at the national level on basic censorship grounds.

The attackers, used a name called "Messiah", took over blogs of the “Straits Times’” reporter, saying the same had messed up with "their words and their intentions" in the report on group's threat happened one day before that "wage war" on government bodies of Singapore.

Journalist blog hacked

We just oppose any type of Internet systems’ censorship amongst different things," said one post on journalist's blog which itself got hacked, which though is the paper’s website and thus been into offline mode.

The hackers have explained through the public platform that the journalist needs to apologize within two days about the misinterpretation written in the excerpt.

If she fails to respond an apology within the said time, she has to resign officially for her false allegations; hackers explained.

The Asian media conglomerate “Singapore Press (SPH) Holdings” that publishes this newspaper, stated: "We have charged one police report, so the cops are investigating into the matter."

The attack at the “Straits Times” was followed by a post on video-sharing website “YouTube” off late where in an unknown personality claimed to be speaking for the Anonymous had warned that this group would lead severe financial losses for Singapore due to aggressive and unscrupulous systems intrusion".

Singapore, which gets governed by same ruling party for the last fifty four years and which strictly regulates Singapore’s traditional media, has been the Southeast Asia's biggest financial center which in turn hosts various regional headquarters for different big corporations!