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Kali Linux         

Backtrack is known for producing some of the finest penetration testing platforms during the last couple of years.

But this time they have given up their custom platform giving way to the Debian Linux architecture.  

The new successor of backtrack is coming with a lot of benefits.

The makers claim it to be one the most flexible, robust and mature penetration testing distribution that they have released up to date.

The repositories are streamlined

With Debian repositories 4 times a day.

Making them available for most updates packages and fixes.

The packages are Debian complaint so it is easier and convenient for user to update their concerning packages.

This new version, due to being Debian Complaint, has the ability to be bootstrapped directly from the repositories.

The user can now customize Kali and also perform enterprise network install form either local or remote repository. 

Not to mention the support for ARM hardware.

Thus version is known to be able to run on ARM processor so your smallest raspberry-pi hardware can be used for running it.  

The new version comes with the flexibility to be generated with desktop environment of the user choice.

Also it features a ‘noob’ friendly interface – a great addition for those who want a fresh start.

A Debian complaint system comes with a lot of benefits like seamless upgrades.

So you won’t be reinstalling a new penetration testing platform on your pc every time a new version of Kali is coming out.

Release of Kali is great news for Hackers and those who love BackTrack platforms.

Kali is fully customizable and the user can choose anything they want on their platform before even downloading the ISO.  

With the strong community demand for Metasploit, the new Kali comes with a Debian complaint version of Metasploit so its user can benefit from it.

The Kali distribution includes Metasploit, John the Ripper, Aircrack-ng, Wireshark, Nmap, and others so you have a penetration testing software customized to your needs that can boot up the live DVD or USB stick.

Once again, the default root password remains the same “toor“,  Kali Linux is available for free download and is supported by all editions of Metasploit.