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SecPoint Member of Organisations

SecPoint proud member of the Danish Industry

(Dansk Industri), DI ITEK.

We are pleased to collaborate with some of the most outstanding and renowned organisations within Denmark. We try our best to live up to our partnerships with these three major institutes by working determinedly to provide groundbreaking programs and extensive security solutions that help our customers develop a trusted business environment both internally and externally.

Our reason for forming these domestic alliances is to build connections with the most important leaders of our industry in order for us to gain the leverage to create cooperative network solutions and integrated support. We here at SecPoint intend to sustain and cultivate our memberships in order to help us create sophisticated technologies that tackle emerging online defence requirements.

SecPoint has strong partnerships with several organisations without IT Industry & with the best experts in their fields.

This can help to improve processes and to optimize business operation easily.

The Danish Industry     

The Confederation of the Danish Industry is the foremost petitioning coalition for Danish businesses on local and worldwide subject matters and issues. As a member of this esteemed organisation, SecPoint benefits from the Danish Industry's business services, a cornucopia of seasoned expertise, multiple connections, widespread influence, and member events. For more information about the Danish Industry.



DI ITEK serves as a Denmark-based ICT and Electronics Federation for information technology (IT), communication, and electronics corporations. As a member of this group, SecPoint benefits from DI ITEK's policies regarding competitiveness, promotions, incentives, opportunities, manpower, and framework conditions within the enumerated industries. For more information about DI ITEK.



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