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Protector 28.5 Released VPN Firewall UTM Appliance

Click to visit the full Change log here for version 28.5 Firewall

In this new version you get more than 20 updates.

You get more smooth icons that shows if you are connected to a specific network or not for easy viewing and making the interface more userfriendly.

The update menu is now a single page merging several pages into one.

This increases user ability for the users

New easy to setup DMZ configuration with picture illustrations.

New improved virus and spam update rules giving better spam protection.

New Home page charts showing network overall usage so you can get an idea about traffic on your network for the last 60 mins to 24 hours.

Improve MTA Mail server configuration files and new checks and reporting that the mail server is running smooth.

Firewall Multiple Updates

More smooth network interruption on startup. Updates to configuration and bridge setting.

More easily block large ranges of IPs via CSV files. Updates to blocking IP ranges by country.

Updates to the automatic backup.

Made Firewall Control Panel and DMZ setup more userfriendly and easy to use.


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