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Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner 34.6

The new Penetrator Version 34.6 is compatible for both Cloud Penetrator, Virtual Penetrator and Appliance Penetrator.

More than 30 improvements.

Download Penetrator 34.6 Release notes

  • New Cloud Scan permission forms.
  • Easily link scan names to vulnerabilities.
  • Latest Firefox 49.x version.
  • Easily factory reset with DHCP setting.
  • Improved NetBIOS Pen Testing.
  • Enhanced new XSS Vulnerability Crawler Engine.
  • Improved menus.
  • Improved statistics.
  • Snapshot to ticket integration. 
  • Easily see % scan details in vulnerability info.
  • Fixed timezone sync issue.
  • Faster boot process.
  • Improved Scan statistics design.
  • Firmware update checksum confirmation check.
  • Faster download process.
  • Fixed wrong IP on reboot.
  • Improved Hostname to IP address checks.
  • Improved user layout.
  • Improved factory reset.
  • New Korean language reports.
  • New snapshot page output.
  • Improved special Hostname check.
  • New PDF report with technical review and checklist.
  • Multiple username and password credential scanning.
  • New connection and HDD speed tests.
  • Improved backend.
  • Interface update.
  • New 64 Bit report updates.
  • New Wordpress Updates 64 Bit.
  • New Green checksum firmware page.