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Release of the Penetrator Advanced Vulnerability Scanner V38

The new Penetrator V38 release includes a wide range of new technologies and features.

It is compatible with 32 and 64 Bit versions of the Penetrator Virtual and hardware Appliances.

View more about the Penetrator here. Penetrator Product page.

New Software Images has been released with the new firmware.

Penetrator VMware ESXI 64 Bit April 2017.

Penetrator VMware Player/Workstation 64 Bit April 2017.

Penetrator Linux ISO 64 Bit April 2017.

Penetrator Hyper-V 64 Bit April 2017.

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  • New Reporting System with new layout, fonts, advanced graphics.
  • Updates to icons.
  • New Vector graphics.
  • Update to PDF Files.
  • New GAP statistics.
  • Change link in reports.
  • New advanced HTML Reporting.
  • Easily handle offline nodes in reports.
  • Updates to Schedule Scans.
  • Updated reports.
  • And more.


Report content review

The content of all the reports has been reviewed and improved, for a better organization of the information and a better readability. The main changes are

    • Executive Summary: Completely reorganized; the scan information has been grouped to a table, a new Overall Security Level graph has been added, Online and Offline nodes are shown in smaller lists, bar and pie charts have been renovated.

    • Vulnerability bar and pie charts have been moved to chapter Summary of Vulnerabilities

    • More readable tables, with alternate colors. In the list of vulnerabilities, a new 4-color gauge shows the risk level of each vulnerability.

    • Better tables for the detail of vulnerabilities; the Vulnerability Output is displayed with a monospace font, as in a code listing.





Better graphs

The new graphs are always displayed at the highest resolution level, regardless of the media on which they appear. No more evident pixels on all the curved lines of all the graphs.

Improved shadowing and better 3D look.



HTML report

An HTML version of the report is now available for a faster display on the web browser. The HTML report has the same look and feel as the PDF version, but doesn’t have page breaks.

T his report is available through the floating menu on the same row as the scan and opens in a new tab of the web browser.

The HTML report is self-contained, meaning that it consists of a single file that can be saved to a .html file and reopened without losing images or other layout features.





Long lists improved

Whenever a long list of IP addresses is to be displayed, it is automatically reduced to fit the available space. In any case the full list can be seen in the subsequent pages of the report.


Link to custom website

In the Report Branding page, a new feature allows to add a custom link. When you upload a new logo, to be shown on the first page of the report, the default link to can be changed to that of your own website.





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