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SecPoint Penetrator V42 Best Vuln Scanner

The Best AMazing Vulnerability Scanner Virtual & Rack Appliance
version V40.1 released.
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Download Penetrator 42 Release notes
Download Software June 2018 - VMware Player, ESXi, Hyper-V, Linux G4L
  • This is firmware 42. It also includes the new gu. The new gui is available on 3 pages: Download reports (/spscan/report_download.php), Node scan (/admin/distribution.php) and user management (/spscan/admin/user.php)
  • Hostnames, along with IP addresses, are displayed on the web interface and on the report
  • On a repeated scan, it's possible to alter the scan parameters
  • Distributed scans: It is now possible to add hostnames instead of just IP addresses
  • New feature Google Authentication to implement the 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) in the login process
  • The Operating System is detected during a scan and visible on the reports.
  • New languages added to the report: Turkish and Portuguese.
  • The offline nodes have been excluded from the computing of the overall percent.
  • Fixed some issues caused by an error when setting the timezone.
  • In some cases it could happen that scans remained at 100% without terminating (32 bit only).
  • The mail sender at the end of a scan has been upgraded to comply with a security update. Prior to the update it was unable to send the email.
  • A new style for the web interface has been introduced on a few sample pages.
  • Host names are displayed without converting them to the IP address - on scan templates and on scans created by template.
  • On a repeated scan, the host names are converted to the corresponding IP address at the time of the new scan.
  • New function to repeat a scan for offline nodes only.
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