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The new Penetrator Security Scanner 22.5 has been released

It features many new great features and functionality.

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Penetrator 22.5.3 - November 2013  

Download Penetrator 22.5 document notes



To upgrade to the new version it is required that you already have a software installation or hardware appliance of the Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner.

It is not required to reboot

You can even upgrade a live system easily without interruption.

The new version will help you to keep track of identified vulnerabilities and easily resolve them on the way.

To get a free scan please click the link in the right side menu option.

To see the full feature list of this release please download the release document PDF file.

Easily have Ticket Management - Statistics and History.

Assign different techniques and put a due date for the vulnerabilities to be fixed

You can also share the tickets between different user accounts for maximum user ability.

Once you have resolved and patched the found identified vulnerabilities the system can automatically close the ticket when rescanning and not finding it anymore present.

With the global false positive system you can easily manage the found vulnerabilities.

Upgrade your existing Penetrator software or appliance to the new version.

You click the firmware menu and force new firmware to upgrade.

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