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New Penetrator 8.2.2 released

The New Penetrator Software for Vulnerability Management Key Features listed below:

Improved Brute Force attacks

- New VoIP Brute Force Word List..
- More easy Range Scan.
- Updated Chrome & Firefox.
- Improved WPA / WPA2 Handshake sniffing.
- Tuned WiFi Antenna Power.
- Easy MAC Address Randomizer for WiFi.
- Turbo boost.

Stronger WPA WPA2 Recovery technique

- Improved WPA / WPA2 cracking word lists.
And more..
Upgrade now to the new firmware.
When performing real WiFi Pen testing it is important to copy the same scenario a real rogue attacker would deploy.
This includes spoofing the MAC address when doing the WiFi Connections and attacks.

Deploy WiFi Bombs to capture WPA Connection handshake

Attackers will also deploy WiFi bombs to disconnect existing connected users and by this forcing them to reconnect automatically.
Attackers then can sniff and capture the connection handshake which can be brute forced.
With Portable Penetrator WiFi Auditor pen testing software you get the same capability to perform real penetration testing on your network and WiFi access points.
The WiFi Penetrator software deploys and easy to operate interface that gives the user full control to perform the auditing.
The best most strong and powerful Vulnerability Management all in one solution with WiFi Pen testing all combined.
More information about the Portable Penetrator here
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