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New Protector UTM Firewall 47 Release

Download Protector V47.0 Release Notes

Upgrade to the new SecPoint Protector UTM V47 more than 25 improvements.

The Firewall Unified Threat Appliance can be deployed in networks from 5 people office or smaller to 1000 user office networks.

You can easily enable the Powerful Firewall module.

It is recommended to upgrade to the new Protector V47.

It is available for all platforms including: VMware ESXi, Player, Hyper-V and Linux ISO.


SecPoint Protector V47 Best UTM Firewall Front from secpoint on Vimeo.


  • Introducing new GUI interface.
  • Improved Anti Virus Module.
  • Improved Web Filter.
  • Improved High Availability.
  • Improved Database Backup Restore to be fully backward compatible.
  • Improved Firmware Update.
  • Improved Quarantine reports.
  • Improved Greylist SPF.
  • Improved Domain Administration.
  • Improved log cleanup.
  • Improved blacklist relay servers.

 And more!

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