SecPoint® Protector V. 51 Firmware Release


Protector 51 Firmware release

Protector 51 – October 2019

-New GUI

The migration to the new GUI is proceeding. As of Firmware 51, most of the pages of the Protector have been redesigned on the new layout.

Here are some of the features of the new layout:


In some pages, where the same argument

includes more than one function, the page is organized in Tabs. The tabs are immediately under the page title and, clicking on a tab, the page content changes. To fix the data in a tab, don’t forget to click Save or Ok.

Lists for adding items:

In such lists, the first row is used for adding items. To add a new item, type into the

entry fields and press the button .

To delete an item, select the check box on the left and click Delete.


Protector 51 Firmware release

Drop-down tips:

A Drop-down tip is a clickable button with a description on it. When clicked, a window opens under the button with a help on the current page. To close the window, click on the button again.


Whenever a video on the current page is available, this icon appears on the page. Clicking on the icon or on the text on the right, a drop-down window opens with a video on the current page.

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Protector 51 Firmware release

Enable – Disable:

The checkboxes that enable or disable an option have been turned into sliders, where the green means enabled and the grey means disabled.

-New interactive graphics library

The charts on the home page have been rewritten using a new graphics library, which provides interactivity and more flexibility:

-A list of values is displayed when the mouse is moved over the chart.

-When a chart is composed of more than one series, each series can be turned on or off

-The chart can be downloaded in SVG or PNG format clicking on the chart menu .


Protector 51 Firmware release

-New Dashboard

The layout of the home page has been adapted to the new GUI. The modules are displayed on 3 columns thanks to the larger window, but the look and feel has been left unchanged.

-Draggable charts

The position of the charts on the home page can be changed. To move a chart, drag it to the new position and release it when you see the small placeholder at the top-left corner of the new position. The chart that was at that position will automatically move down.

To add or remove charts on the home page, click on the chart title. The chart configuration page will open.


Protector 51 Firmware release

-Hiding message content

Sometimes the local privacy rules do not allow to system administrators to look at the message content of the emails of their users. For this reason, a new option has been added to the Anti Spam menu to hide the message content to all users who log in to the Anti Spam pages.

The option is available in menu Anti Spam

Setup, in Tab Mail Archiver.

Here, click on the check box “Hide Message Content” and click OK. From this moment on, the message content is hidden to all users, including system admins.


Protector 51 Firmware release


Misc. changes and fixes:

-In Factory Reset, the Policy subset of IPS is switched off

-In Factory Reset, greylisting is switched off

-New option to limit the items on screen for Greylist email lists

-Bugfix: sometimes adding a mail or domain to the white list, the new item was not added