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New Update system to be present in the new

Upcoming Penetrator Vulnerability Scanner Vulnerability Management V26.0 Software

Amazing Penetrator Vulnerability Assessment new Update Engine

The new Penetrator software is set for release in end of April / Early May 2015.

The new update system features and intelligent monitoring system that can see the status.

It can detect if something went wrong and how to automatically resume it.

This process saves you data since it wont have to re download the existing data that has already been downloaded to the unit.

Click on the Image below to get full size.

Easy 1 click update system with resume capability.

It can also easily resume the updating process. So if your Internet connection gets disconnected during upgrade the system will automatically resume once the Internet connection is back.

If you loose connection during upgrade it will be possible to easily resume the upgrade process for the most easy installation process.

When you are upgrading just leave the upgrade to run and get a cup of coffee meanwhile.

No need to even reboot and everything will happen automatically.


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