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New release of Penetrator 26.8 is ready for Download

New Software for WiFi Penetrator & Penetrator appliance has been released upgrade now easily.

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You can upgrade to the new software simple by clicking the upgrade firmware menu.

To learn more about the benefits in this software version you can also sign up for a free Webinar on the Green button below.

The new software version features high res HD videos across the interface to improve the user experience.

26.8.4 - March 2015

  • More powerful WiFi scan capacity
  • Faster WiFi WPS crack process.
  • See how fast your computer is for password cracking speed.
  • Faster Firefox load up.
  • Faster unit booting.
  • New PDF reporting mail attachment.
  • New target Router DoS option.
  • Larger Hardware Vendor support
  • New configuration console 2.0.
  • WiFi Adapter connection icon.
  • WiFi Adapter Power details.
  • New WiFi Signal indicators
  • Login page updated.
  • Added MAC Address automatic setting.
  • Overall improvements.
  • New Firefox 36.0.4
  • New WiFi dBm indictor.
  • New WiFi dBm Showed.
  • New WPS cracking output available.
  • New network library.
  • New HD Icons added.
  • New HD Video
  • Improved Interface.