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Wireless Security Assessment Tool - Portable Penetrator Software

Portable Penetrator Best Wifi Wireless Security Assessment tool

Are your encrypted wifi networks wide open to attack even you believe them to be secure?

Have they already been cracked in to and being abused irght now by attackers?

Do your WiFi router blink overly extreme

Even when you are idle not using the net?

That can be an indicator of attackers using your network to download or share files on it without your permission.

When attackers have unauthorized access to a network they might abuse it to hack third party networks to cover their tracks.

Use the Portable Penetrator Wireless security assessment tool to do a real audit on your own WiFi network and find out if you are being exploited by attackers.

Portable Penetrator is the best WiFi password cracker security software optimized for Penetration Testing.

You can deploy the Portable Penetrator software on multiple systems.

Including: Mac OS X, Microsoft HyperV, VMware ESXi, Player, Workstation, or real Linux ISO images depending on customer requirements for operation.

If you are not sure about the correct version for your setup or operation please feel free to contact our live chat 24 hour support system.

WPA Cracking made easy

WPA cracking can be hard if not having the correct word list databases, rainbow tables or computing power.

With Portable Penetrator WiFi Cracker software specialized for WPA cracking it has been made easy in an all in one package.

Find the weakness and secure your network easily