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New WPS WiFi Protected Setup Key Password Finder

Recovery for WPA WPA2 Keys.

New vulnerabilities discovered in WPS that is enabled by default on major router brands is exposed.

Many routers such as Dlink, Linksys, TPlink, Huawei, Zyxel and others comes by default with WPS WiFi Protected Setup enabled from the factory with the default configuration.

Due to the vulnerabilities in WPS and no restriction on how many connection attempts it can be possible for remote attackers to crack

It is also possible to reboot the target access point and spoof the MAC address from the software.

This can circumvent routers that have basic blocking capability

WPS Vulnerable to online and offline attacks

Malicious rogue attackers can attack your WiFi access point with WPS ( WiFi Protected Setup) when enabled and perform a brute force attack.

Originally they have to combat more than 100.000.000 million attempts which will take too long.

However due to a vulnerability it can be do with much less amount of tries.

Roughly around 10.000 to 20.000 tries.

That takes anywhere from couple of minutes to several hours or days depending on the random PIN code signal strength and router manufacturer brand.

With Portable Penetrator WiFi Pen testing software your can audit your own WiFi enabled access points for vulnerabilities and secure them to withstand remote attackers.