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Office Malware Stuxnet

What about those malware which go and spread through a bug outside the internet systems.

There is such a malware function which has made its way from Iranian Power Plants to Russia, infecting one Russian Power Plant already.

This bug has a specialty.

It travels and spreads itself through the USB ports of varied CPUs.

This malware has been named as “Stuxnet”, which has spread itself in numerous power plants of Iran first and then transmitting to one of the power plants of Russia too.

Stuxnet is the sabotage focusing conferred malware which while traveling in Iranian Companies, was targeting the Microsoft’s windows operating systems.

The nuclear facilities of Iran started getting affected

In the mid of 2011.

This malware” Stuxnet” is designed to affect only the Iranian industries.

But now has been causing havoc in Russia these times.

It is very common that the infection is spreading at the rate which is geometrical when compared to its rectifying measures, which are hardly in the markets.

In such extreme cases, it has been believed that Stuxnet Malware will adversely affect the most critical infrastructure units of the power plant systems and major power houses with the malfunctioning of their Instrumentation and Control (I&C) divisions.

These kinds of Malware know no boundaries and affect pedagogues outside the facilities too – as told by Eugene Kaspersky to the press.

It is to be noted that the OS in these power plants use ungraded systems, which need to be upgraded first.

It is not possible to go online in such critical units and therefore the malware spreads easily to massive units through CDs and USBs.

Microsoft has officially announced to cut its support for any OS older to and then 12 years of its operation.

Things need to be rectified with proper outsourcing contracts to IT security experts immediately to protect the SCADA Operations and CAD Designs, which are the life and blood for any power plant anywhere! Chinese Hackers are highly skilled to curb the attacks through the USB ports and any other offline modes.

So the solutions are likely to come very soon to give the best protection needed!