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Penetrator Ultimate Vulnerability Assessment V28.0

Download Penetrator Vuln Scanner 28.0 Change log Release notes

The new version features more than 25 improvements, new features and or fixes!

You can easily upgrade your existing software or hardware appliance

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Watch the full changes below the video link below.

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  • New Language support added to reporting now supports: Spanish,English  and  Italian.
  • New better and faster reporting parser design.
  • You can see clear index in the front of reports.
  • New version of Firefox V38.0 has been included.
  • Easier to add scanning ranges such as
  • Improved schedule scan navigation.
  • Download of all reports more easy.
  • Improved statistics  Trend-by-scan page, the graph is more clearly visible in the top with nicer design.
  • New unit type detection for better performance.
  • Submit new vulnerabilities improved.
  • Better handle lost connection while scanning.
  • Updates Owasp top 10 scanning profile.
  • Improved reporting 1 page conclusion page.
  • Fixed vulnerability output in reports when using html.
  • Improved recommended solutions.
  • Improved factory reset.
  • Updates to date formats.
  • New color for High Medium Low Information checks.
  • Improved XML reporting.
  • Improved init process.
  • Improved unit id.
  • New option to email reports easily with one button.
  • Improved online and offline checks to work smoothly on more environments.
  • Customize conslusion page in reports and personalize it.
  • Improved NFR init process to make it more easy.

If you need any help to upgrade to the new version do not hessitate to contact our live chat support team.